Heartworm Testing

According to tracking by the American Heartworm Society, the number of pets diagnosed with heartworms continues to rise in the northern Alabama area. It is vitally important for the life of your dog AND cat that they are on year-round heartworm prevention for their entire lives. In the event you have missed providing these doses or perhaps have recently adopted a dog or cat, accurate heartworm testing is available at Hazel Green.

Drs. Sindel and Hertha have many years of diagnosing heartworm disease, and they will bring this level of care to your pet as well. A simple blood draw in our heartworm tests will indicate if heartworms may be present in your dog. Our hospital has the most accurate heartworm tests available, and can determine your dog’s heartworm status in minutes.

If heartworms are detected in your dog, our doctors will discuss treatment options with you while you are at our hospital. Heartworm preventative options will be presented, regardless of your dog’s current heartworm status. If you have not had your dog checked for heartworms, please call Hazel Green Animal Hospital to schedule your appointment today.