Frequently Asked Questions

  • How safe is my pet’s procedure?

    The doctors and staff at Hazel Green Animal Hospital have many successful years of treating pets at our hospital and will treat your pet with that same level of care. We use the most advanced surgical monitoring techniques, equipment and medication available in veterinary medicine. Procedural outcomes will vary based on a number of factors including the complexity of the event, as well as the pet’s age and overall health. Rest assured that your pet will be in good hands with the caring doctors and staff at Hazel Green Animal Hospital.

  • How often should my pet have an exam and blood work?

    Many pets age approximately seven human years each calendar year. If your pet misses his yearly appointment, it is the same as not seeing a doctor for seven years! Hazel Green Animal Hospital’s doctors recommend at least a yearly “well” visit in which your pet is examined for overall health through a physical examination and lab work. We highly recommend that if your pet is suffering from ill health that you bring them in immediately for veterinary attention.

  • Why does my pet need a dental procedure?

    Dentistry is a very important part of your pet’s health care. With proper preventative care your pet can be saved from serious illness and infection that can be brought on by harmful bacteria and untreated abscesses. If your doctor recommends a dental procedure such as tooth extraction, gum treatment or a vigorous cleaning, it is with your pet’s best interest at heart.

  • How important is nutrition for my pet?

    Not only is having the daily nutrients and vitamins from pet food recommended by our staff, but also having the proper portion amounts is equally important. By letting our pets eat “human” food we put them at risk for malnutrition as well as obesity. Animals do not require the same daily caloric amount as humans, therefore it is very easy for them to overindulge.

  • How long should I wait to bring my pet in if I notice a change in behavior?

    You should bring your pet in immediately for examination by our staff if you notice a change in behavior. Withdrawal, lethargy and aggressiveness are all signs of pain, sickness and infection.

  • What should I do if I notice visible parasites on my pet?

    You should contact our office for an examination immediately if you notice worms, fleas, or ticks on your pet. Until you are able to come in, it is recommended that you separate your pet from other animals and small children until treatment is given.

  • What if my pet has an after-hours problem?

    Please contact Animal Emergency Center in Huntsville at 256-533-7600 or Veterinary Regional Referral Hospital in Decatur at 256-350-7001. We are not available after 6 pm Monday-Friday and after 1pm from Saturday to Monday morning.

  • At what age should I have my pet spayed or neutered?

    We recommended sterility surgery around six (6) months of age. For males, neutering is a simple day surgery while for females, a spay surgery is considered major surgery and we will have to keep your pet overnight.

  • What are heartworms and how can I prevent my pet from getting them?

    Heartworms are a parasite that is transmitted through mosquitos from an infected animal. Heartworm disease is not only prevalent in dogs, but cats as well. There is no heartworm treatment for felines, so preventatives are especially important. Heartworm treatment for dogs is very expensive and intensive, therefore preventative medicines are highly recommended to keep your pet healthy. Heartworm preventative medicine can come in several forms such as pills, injectable medicines or tasty treats. Schedule an appointment with the caring doctors at Hazel Green to determine which heartworm preventative is right for your pet.

  • When is pain management recommended for my pet?

    If your pet is suffering from pain due to a trauma or injury we will treat the pain aggressively until your pet is comfortable. If your pet suffers from chronic pain such as arthritis or cancer we will give pain medication at a low steady dose to keep the pain under control.

  • What financing options do you offer?

    Payment for services is expected at the time of service. In order to keep up the best care available Hazel Green Animal Hospital must have payment immediately. We accept cash, credit card and checks. If your pet is facing an especially intensive treatment, we work with Care Credit, a company that will help you with low interest financing and monthly payments.